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Happy Thanksgiving!

This Thanksgiving I had the fortune of being sick! Not what I was hoping for as I headed to my parents house for a huge dinner. I spent most of the evening laying down and didn't eat nearly as much as I would have liked to. Being sick is the worst, especially on holidays. But, I guess I was lucky I was well enough to even go!

So, being inspired by that, here is my list of things to be thankful for:

Children's laugher
Warm hugs
Smiling faces
Loving Husband
Generous parents
Heated house
Christmas music on the radio
Leftover turkey
Moms homemade pumpkin pie
Black Friday sales

You really can't things for granted. Life is precious and time is few and it is here to be enjoyed. We should take every minute to love, laugh, smile and live life fully. Happy Thanksgiving!

Things Happen For A Reason

I always like to believe things happen for a reason. I don't really believe in coincidences. Maybe that is just the romantic dreamer in me. For example, at the beginning of the year, a house came up for rent that I had been eying. It's bigger than the one I'm renting now and on a quieter street. I called the office immediately to find out if it was still available and it was. I was super excited. When I went to go sign the paperwork I found out that the rent was going to be higher than what I thought - $400 more a month than what I was paying. Then right before we were going to sign the paperwork, the whole thing suddenly fell through. Apparently there was another tenant who was supposed to come in and drop off a deposit before us. So we never got the place. I was so upset. I wanted to move into the bigger house so badly. I couldn't understand why things had to happen that way. I knew we deserved that house. The only consolation I had was to tell myself there must be some reason that would reveal itself later. Fast forward several months and my step children from across the US are moving in with us. Are pocket books take a hit with four boys and an infant now in the house. Paying that amount of rent would have killed us. I drive by that house everyday and think about what could have been. Then I think about how we couldn't afford it with our new circumstances. Funny how things work that way.

I believe signs come into our lives all the time. Unfortunately it's so hard not to get caught up in the daily grind to really see much else. Little things like the kids not listening or things not working the way you want them to see huge. When really it is just all connected to something else or has a deeper meaning not immediately seen.

My latest struggle is work and money. I'm sure I'm not the only one who faces this. I have been unemployed - by choice - for just about two years. Now that we have a suddenly larger family I feel the need to compensate by somehow getting a job. The problem is that with five kids, we can't afford day care for all of them. So I have thought about getting a part time job. The problem with that is, I desperately want to stay home with my 1 year old. We are very close and I don't want to leave him so I can make a few hundred dollars after day care costs. So I have looked for work from home opportunities. I have plugged away for almost two years looking for work at home. I have come across more scams than anything. I have applied for part time out of home jobs with no luck. So I am continually asking myself, what does it all mean? Why can I not get a job? Why, if there are so many people out there who can, can I not find a real work at home opportunity? I have actually been really depressed about this. I'm not sure what the reason is. After a long period of struggling, I have finally decided to let it go. I'm hoping that the deeper reason or meaning to this will reveal itself to me.

Stubborn Men

Is it just me, or do I have the most stubborn husband ever? I swear the man drives me crazy sometimes because he is so stubborn! For instance, he hurt is foot the other week. He was in so much pain he could barely walk. Do you think that kept him from doing things? Not really. He was up trying to cook dinner after I scolded him for not putting his foot up with some ice. And go to the Dr.? Forget it! A few days later he shows me his foot and it is black and blue! Yet he refuses to have it looked at. It's not broken he says, so he doesn't need to go. I don't know about you, but to me that is just stubborn! You are hurt! Go have it checked out!

Why is it that men have to be so stubborn when it comes to these kinds of things? I just don't get it. I mean he's a great husband, so I'm not complaining about that. I'm just saying, take care of yourself man! Anyone else have a husband like that?


I am so tired of people out there who are looking to get one over on someone else. Trying to steal and cheat others for a profit or even just for fun. These people make me sick. I have been applying for WAH jobs (and yes there are some legit ones) and I guess in my frenzy of sending out my resume I sent one to a scammer. They contacted me via email for this "position" which I was immediatly hired for. I knew right about it was not legit, so I ignored it completely.

A few days later a Fed Ex envelope was sitting on my doorstep with an "urgent" letter. Upon opening it I find a check for $3,800. Now you have no idea how much a check like that would mean to my family right now. Times are really hard and a check like that would pay alot of bills and give my kids a really nice X mas. But the check came alone, no letter no nothing. The name of the company on the check was different than the name of the company on the envelope. That was the second sign that it was a scam. I knew I had heard of a scam having to do with getting a check, but I couldn't remember what it was. So I went onto a couple of forums and asked around. The scam is that you get a check and you are supposed to deposit it, take a percentage of it out for commission, then send the "company" the rest back. The funny thing is, I didnt get a letter with this, and never remembered any email like that.

So I went back and looked through my emails and found the one about the "online clerk job" I was immediatly hired for. I read it through and my husband told me it had to be it. The name on the signature was from yet another company and person, so I thought it wasn't the same. Low and behold this morning I got another email from these people from a fourth person asking if I got the money. So wow, way to work your scam. You can't even make it somewhat believeable? Sheesh.

In conclusion I just want to say to these people, you make me sick. You are the lowest scum of the scum on the bottom of my toilet. I hope you get caught and rot in hell where you belong. Not only did you mess with my head but with my husbands head. That money would have been a miracle to us and to think even for 5 seconds that it could be real, was enough to cause a mountain of problems. You are a real piece of *you know what*.

Dead Ringer

So I do not have the ringer on my house phone. Why, you ask? Well it's simple, I rarely give the number out - I mostly use my cell phone - yet it rings without fail several times a day. Telemarketers. *sigh* So it got to the point where I just turned the damn ringer off. The only reason I even have a home phone is for the kids to use, which they never do, or in case of an emergency. Other than that, we never use it. I can't begin to tell you how many messages are on my answering machine right now. I stopped checking at this point.

Here's a funny story, the last home phone number I had, which I never gave out, I got even more calls. Apparently, the number was the same as the billing dept for the local fire department. Well actually it wasn't exactly the same - the billing dept number had a 1-800 in front of it. I was constantly getting calls from elderly folk trying to solve a problem with their bill. Let me just say, I was pregnant and often napped on the couch. The incessant ringing of the phone irritated me and to hear it being the wrong number just irritated me further. I refused the change the number though. I felt that whoever was calling should understand that they needed to put a 1-800 in front of it. Don't ask - my pregnant brain is unexplainable.

So, I have learned to just keep the ringer off and not even think about it. I should probally just cancel the service, but I have it in a bundle which is supposed to save me money. Lol.

Butterfly Award!

I have recieved an award from Mia's Motivation! Thanks Mia! Now, here are the *rules* that go along with this award:

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Now I get to pass this on to some other wonderful bloggers!

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The Economy Sux

And its pretty scary. People are getting laid off everywhere, work is harder to find and people are losing their houses. My husband works construction and we have no idea what the winter holds as far as work. The winter is usually the slowest time in construction and with work already being slow as it is, winter could mean no work at all. Very scary.

Im really hoping with the new president the economy gets better. They say the economy is the worst since the Depression. That is really scary. And depressing. I have actually been really depressed lately. With Christmas coming up we are broke with no money for presents right now. I have been trying really hard to find a job, but with five kids, I can only work certain hours unless I want to shell out my whole paycheck to day care. So Ive been trying to find a job I can telecommute in. Try doing that with a 14 month old. Not easy. Yeah, depressing.

I want more than anything to give my kids everything they want for Christmas. Unfortunatly, I dont see that happening. Somethings gotta give. I just keep hoping things will get better. Things may get worse before they get better though.

Exciting Giveaway

I was just reading a cool blog I found and read about an exciting give away she's having! A $50 gift certificate to Amazon! What could be nicer, especially right before Christmas? Check it out!

This is a totally fun blog to read, btw, so I reccomend it to add to your blogroll.

California Dreaming

So it's the middle of November and its warm and sunny here in California. I'm wearing shorts and a t-shirt and so are the kids. I told one of my sons earlier this month that shorts weather was over, because it's getting cold out and there won't be anymore hot and sunny days. Boy have I heard about that every morning! When I said that it was raining - well sprinkling anyway. I could have sworn last year at this time it was cold. Sorry! So, no, it really hasn't been cold except for mornings. Maybe I was just hoping it would get colder. There's something about cold weather and rain that makes me reminisce and feel all warm inside. Hot drinks, warm fires, snugly blankets, and lots of holiday treats to eat. Mmmmmmm. It makes me happy just thinking about it. Obviously I'm going to have to wait a bit longer for cold weather here. That's OK. I guess that's California for ya.

Potholes of Society

The one thing that really makes me angry about this society is the fact that it is so difficult for parents to be at home to raise their children. With the high cost of living (at least here in California) most families have a very hard time living off of one income. Rent is high, food is expensive, and until recently, gas has been outrageous. What we are lacking in this society is the value of how important it is for children to be raised properly - in a loving, nurturing environment with their mother or father (or both). We are forced to either barely scrape by so we can do what we feel is best for our children, or go to work and leave them to be raised by strangers. People that we really have no idea how well they are taking care of our children. Yes, there are the lucky ones who have a wonderful relative to help them out. I'm sure that can never ease the guilt many mothers feel as they head off to work every day, leaving their babes in the arms of another.

So the mothers out there who need to stay home, or simply cant afford to pay for daycare to get a job, look for work at home opportunities. And that is where conniving rats scam innocent moms who are desperate to find a real way to make money from home. The scam artists are out there by the thousands. It makes me sick! I myself have been in this position, looking to stay at home with my sweet little baby and make some money so I can buy Christmas presents for my other children. Or even help pay some bills. I have seen so many scams and schemers its amazing. Another tell tale about this society.

Luckily there are real jobs where you can work from home and earn money. Unfortunately I am only one of the thousands out there applying for these jobs. And with the state of the economy and the hundreds getting laid of every day, I'm sure there will be more joining me. I have always thought that a parent should get paid to stay home with their baby. At least for the first three years. Those are some of the most important years for a child. It is the time in their life when they learn the most about being. Do we really need more children out on the streets doing God knows what because their parents are either too busy to watch them, too stressed about bills to focus on them, or just too damn tired from working their asses off at two jobs to make ends meat? I see it everyday in my neighborhood and it makes me sad and angry. I am so happy I am at home to help guide them and make sure they are safe and have an understanding about making right decisions. Its just a shame that as I stay home and my husband goes out to work everyday, we still cant pay all our bills every month. Yeah, I know its a dream to think that a parent should get paid to take care of their children which would ultimately better society, but I know its not only my dream.

Children of the Corn

So I have recently found myself the mother of 5 boys. My husband's two sons have come to live with us, we have one son together, and I have two from a previous marriage. Yes, 5 and they are all boys. The funny thing is, when I tell people how many children I have, they always say the same thing. 'Wow... All boys?' or 'Five boys, huh?'. I think some people feel sorry for me, but I don't mind. While I didn't exactly become the mother of five by choice, it is something I am proud of. I love all my boys, as crazy as my life can be.

You can only imagine life with all boys - lots of talk about farting & poop, lots of yelling ,wrestling and rambunctious boy energy. While I often wonder what it would be like to have a daughter, it is fun having boys. Although I have to wonder if I had a daughter, would she love to run around showing her bare butt for fun. I think the one thing that really drives me crazy about having five children, is getting them to take responsibility for their messes. I will find a mess someone made or a sock left on the bathroom floor and ask who's it is, always to hear the same response four times ' not mine. I know it's not mine!'. LOL.

There is a book by Stephen King, 'Children of the Corn', about children who are evil. I like to jokingly call them the 'children of the corn'. The funny part is, in the movie the leader's name is Malachi, and one of my sons name is Malakai. Of course I don't really think they are evil, but it's always fun to joke - especially when they are driving me crazy.


As I watch my youngest son play, I have to smile. He is adorable, intelligent and oh so much trouble! Ever hear the saying 'curiosity killed the cat'? They must have been talking about my son. If there is something he ISN'T supposed to get into, he will find it. His favorite thing to get into is the toilet. He loves to put things in it. Anything. A towel, toilet paper, shoes, you name it. Funny, but so frustrating. Yeah, I guess I forgot what its like to have a 1 year old. All I need to do is see his smile or hear his laugh though, and I forget what a tiny terror he can be. Gotta love 'im.

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